Terms & Conditions

Warranty Terms and Conditions:

JLC Concept offers a 90 day warranty from the receiving date on products ordered from our website.  JLC Concept believes very strongly in the products quality. Defective products are rare. Prior to refunds or exchanges (buyer's request), the returned products will be inspected and tested for defects.

For easy troubleshooting, all bulbs are polar sensitive. If the bulb does not light up, please flip the contacts, some bulbs require to flip 180 degrees.


Is your item damaged?

If you found that your newly purchased item is defective you have 14 days to either exchange the item or receive a full refund of the purchase price, buyer's choice. We ask that you notify us within 3 days of received item that it is damaged. You must send a copy of your receipt with the damaged item along with a note stating what is wrong with the item and please tell us if you would like a refund or exchange. The buyer does not get charged a 20% restocking fee if the item is damaged but you, the buyer, are responsible for the shipping charge back to us because we don't charge for original shipment or for the shipping of a replacement to you.


Shipping Policy

You, the buyer, are responsible for all return shipping charges back to us, JLC Concept, on all returned item/s whether it is damaged or not quite what you wanted. If you are sending an item back to us because it is damaged we will pay for the shipping charges to ship the replacement item/s back to you.