BMW Alpina B7 Final Touches

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We had the honor of changing and upgrading parts that should have came with the car from BMW. Would you guys agree?

This BMW Alpina B7 has it all from power all the way down to luxury comfort. The front bumper even has cameras facing sideways for when a driver is pulling out of a blind spot. The only thing this car was lacking was the dull lighting that came from factory. As you all know we are all about lighting here, these final touches definitely made a huge difference on the overall appearance on this vehicle but we will let you guys be the judge of that. Below is a breakdown of the lights we replaced on this vehicle.

  • Low Beam - 6000k HID Bulbs
  • Angel Eye / Halos - 40 Watt Cree LED bulbs
  • Fog Lights - 6000k Canbus Premium HID Kit
  • Replaced all interior bulbs with White LED 

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