10pcs 4 Foot T8 LED Tube Light Bulb

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This LED light tube is a replacement for standard fluorescent light tubes, the light is very bright and can be used as indoor lighting. This is a direct "drop-in" replacement for standard fluorescent light tubes. It is compatible with virtually every standard ballast equipped fluorescent light fixture. To install, simply by pass the existing ballast and connect the live (hot) wire to any one pin of an end and the neutral wire to the other end. The power consumption of this white LED lights is 18W, Save 60% power consumption comparing with the fluorescent light. They are really power saving and eco-friendly bulbs. The lifespan is often very long and they are easy to install. A must-have for your office or home.

Features Features: Color: Cool White Length: 4 Foot Specific use : indoor only Wattage: 18 watts No flickering No buzzing ballast High efficiency - output (85-100 lumen per watt); save 60% power consumption compared with the fluorescent light Ideal for all energy saving applications Environment friendly - no mercury or hazardous materials Ballast/starter of existing fixtures must be bypassed. Tombstones must be of the non-shunted type. Power is to be applied to one end of the tube only (labeled), Package Content 30 pieces (1 Box) of 4 Foot T8 LED Tube Light Bulbs

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