Universal F1 Diffuser Brake Light Taillight (Clear Lens)

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Featured here is one set brand (1 piece) of Brilliant Red 12-LED F1 Style Diffuser Brake Light.

This brake lamp is universal fit for any cars, SUVs, trucks or motorcycles to improve both the safety and the style.

With three wires coming out, the Green wire is for positive driving mode, the Red wire is for positive brake-light mode and the black is for negative (ground).

All the mounting brackets, screws, and harness are included in the package.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Drilling and other modifications will be needed per vehicle. Please seek professional installation for the best results. Please take note of this.

Approximate Measurements (L" x W" x D"): Approximate 6.5" x 0.90" x 1.30"

Fit Manufacturer Projector Size: Universal Fit

Suggested Uses: Brake Light Areas, etc. 

Package Content:

One piece (1) of our Brilliant Red 12-LED F1 Style Diffuser Brake Light

All mounting screws and brackets

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