Pegasus T2 Style - Projector Retrofit Shrouds

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Featured here is a pair (2 pieces) of our Pegasus Style 2, Full Aluminum Body Projector Retrofit Shrouds.


This pegasus style shroud is one of our most sturdy, another unique style projector shrouds we have. It is made from a full aluminum body and its 4.90" diameter extended long body will give your housing the full filled-in look it needs.


These projector shrouds will fit your 2.5" and 3" diameter lens projectors. With a brushed aluminum finish, you will sure give your retrofit a unique and attractive look.


Package Content


One pair (2 pieces) of our Pegasus T2 Style Projector Retrofit Shrouds


Measurements & Diameter4.90 Total Body Radius, 2.75" Projector Exposure Area

Available Colors: Chrome Finish (Body can be repainted to desired color)

Fit Manufacturer Projector Size: 2.5" and 3" Projectors

Retrofit Work Needed?: Yes, professional installation is highly suggested.


IMPORTANT NOTECustom retrofitting is required for these projector shrouds to go into the headlight. Professional installation is required for opening and resealing of headlight. Also, please take note of the size of the shroud provided in this detailed description, as all cars are different we suggest that you measure out the headlight's area first hand. Please take note of this before purchase.

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