Mini H1 Universal Projector for Retrofit with CCFL Angel Eye Shroud

Product Code: Mini H1 Projector w/ CCFL
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Featured here is a Universal Projector package made for those who are looking to upgrade their headlights!


The package consists of (2 pieces) 2.5" glass optical Bi-xenon universal projector for retrofit . Built in Ultra White CCFL Angel Eye Halo Rings. Since it has a glass projector, this kind of projector light lamps are HID conversion kit ready.
It comes HID ready for H1 bulb. Also includes adapters to fit other types of bulbs.
All the screws, nuts, CCFL inverter, shroud and harness are included in this package for easy installation.


Product Features:

Approximate Measurements: (L: 130" x W: 75"):

Fit Manufacturer Projector Size: Fits 9007/9004, H13, 9005, 9006, H11, H4, and more!

Suggested Uses: Cars and Motocycles

Package Contents:

One Pair (2 pieces) Halo Projectors
One Pair (2 pieces) CCFL Driver
1 Piece Bi-Xenon Harness
1 Piece H7 Adapter
1 Piece H4 Adapter

This is universal fit product, length of 5" and diameter of 3.45". As long as your vehicle have enough clearance space, you can install this for your vehicle.

No adapter needed for 9006 9005 9007 9004 H13 Housing

Outer Diameter: 3.45"
Length: 5.25"
Projector Diameter: 2.5"
Built-in cut off lines
Accepts Bulb size: H1
CCFL Angel Eye Halo Ring
Screws, nuts, CCFL inverter, shroud and harness  are included


**PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION is highly recommended!!! We will not be held liable and/ or responsible for any damages caused by or due to improper/ poor installation.

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