T20 60-SMD Switchback LED Light Bulbs V2

Brand: JLC
Product Code: 60-SMD Switchback
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Featured here is a pair (2 pieces) of our Dual Filament 360 Degrees shine 60-SMD Switchback LED Light Bulbs.


Each Switchback LED Light bulb contains 60 pieces of High Quality, Super Bright, Long Lasting 5050 SMD LED Chips. A great advantage of LED lights is that it has an average of 20000+ hours lifespan and it consumes less power as well.

There are 60 Pieces of Xenon White & Amber Orange on this bulb. The Xenon White LEDs will act as your driving/parking lights, while the Amber Orange will act as your blinking or turn signal lights.


Package Content:


One pair (2 Pieces) of our Dual-Filament Switchback 60- SMD LED Light Bulbs


Version Information:

Version 2 - This is your updated switchback LED bulb, where the switch modes will jump from Xenon White to Amber Orange, and stay amber until turn signal mode is off.


Fitment Information:

If you are unsure of the bulb size your vehicle uses, here is a simple and quick guide that you can use to find the item you need
Step 1: Simply visit Osram Sylvania Lamp Replacement Guide to find out the bulb part number you need for your specific vehicle.
Step 2: Once you find the correct bulb size, you can use the SEARCH BAR above to quickly find the item you need


Bulb Measurements & Diameter: 

T20 = (Approx. L" x W")  1.92" x 0.70"




If item is to be used as TURN SIGNAL BULBS, we strongly recommend resistors to help eliminate hyper-flashing.

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