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Featured here is a pair (2 pieces) of our CREE 5W SMD Super Bright LED bulbs


This super bright, high power SMD LED bulb is made with a CREE 5 watt LED chip emitter. With its 720 lumen power, it is perfect to be used as the backup reverse light or turn signal lights.

Package Content

  • One pair (2 Pieces) of our 1st Gen Cree LED Bulbs


Fitment Information

If you are unsure of the bulb size your vehicle uses, here is a simple and quick guide that you can use to find the item you need
Step 1: Simply visit Light Bulb Guide to find out the bulb part number you need for your specific vehicle.
Step 2: Once you find the correct bulb size, search here for additional bulbs of that type


Bulb Measurements & Diameter: 

T10 / T15 = (Approx. L" x W") 1.82" x 0.61"

T20 = (Approx. L" x W") 2.03" x 0.82"
1156 = (Approx. L" x W")  2.23 x 0.80"



Using this application on the parking or running lights will pose a high change of the item burning out and perhaps lead to other damages. Our suggestions here is that you solely use this item for reverse or turn signal light use purposes only. Please take note of this before purchase.

For Warranty Terms and Conditions, please click here.

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