6000K Xenon White R6 COB LED Headlight Conversion Kit 30W 3200Lm Bulbs- 9006

Brand: SpecD
Product Code: R4S-9006
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R4 LED Headlight Kit - S Series

LED Headlight Conversion Kit 3800LM 6000K - COB LED Chip / Internal Driver Ballast


  • All-weather, all season functionality
  • Standardized Socket for Simple Installation
  • Rapid Cooling with High Speed Fan
  • Upgraded LED Conversion kits 72W BRIGHT 6000K White @7,600LM (36 Watts, 3800 Lms per bulb). 
  • Replaces your stock halogen / HID headlights. 
  • Competitor bulbs sometimes are marked 36W or higher, but most bulbs that says that are not true. Most of them will dim after 36 mins or even the wattage output may decrease. 
  • We promise you that the bulbs will stay 36W per bulb! 
  • ATEC (Arc-Tru Edge Cutting) Illumination Technology. 
  • Double-sided COB LED Flip Chips provides clear cutoff and perfect beam patterns.
  • COB chips have maximum heat resistance which allows for much longer lifespan. 
  • New, sleek, compact design, with driver/ballast built-in. So literally plug & play, easy and simple installation. 

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