LED Third Brake Light Strobe Module

Product Code: Brake Module
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This auction features one piece GS-100A brake stop light flash strobe controller module. Universally fits any 12V car, SUV, trucks and more.

This flash strobe controller add-on allow you to convert the vehicle brake lamp to quickly strobe for 3 times then flash for 3 times and then constantly light up. This strobe/flash feature alert the vehicle behind you to prevent any rear-end collision.

Installation is very easy, simply tap this controller module box in-between the brake light and the wiring harness and that's it.

Product Features:

  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with all types of brake lights including LED clusters, as such: cars, motorcycles, tanks, armored vehicles, electric bicycles and other lights
  • Working voltage: 12V
  • Size: approx 1.95" x 1.05" x 0.55"
  • Wiring length: approx. 5" each side


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